HT91808_24-Bit 立体声模数转换器-禾润代理商
The HT91808 device is a high-performance, lowcost, single-chip, stereo analog-to-digital converter with single-ended analog voltage input
  • 24Bit Delta-Sigma Stereo ADC
  • Single-Ended Voltage Input: 3 Vp-p
  • THD+N: -90dB (Typical)
  • Sampling Rate: 8 kHz–96 kHz


・24Bit Delta-Sigma Stereo ADC

・Single-Ended Voltage Input:3 Vp-p

・High Performance



-Dynamic Range:99dB(Typical)

・Flexible PCM Audio Interface

-Master-or Slave-Mode Selectable

-Data Formats:24Bit I2S,24Bit Left-Justified

・Power Down and Reset by Halting System Clock

・Analog Antialias LPF Included

・Sampling Rate:8 kHz–96 kHz

・System Clock:256 fS,384 fS,512 fS

・Resolution:24 Bits

・Dual Power Supplies

-5V for Analog

-3.3V for Digital

・TSSOP14 Package


・DVD Recorder・Digital TV

・AV Amplifier or Receiver・MD Player

・CD Recorder・Multitrack Receiver

・Electric Musical Instrument


The HT91808 device is a high-performance,lowcost,single-chip,stereo analog-to-digital converter with single-ended analog voltage input.The HT91808 device uses a delta-sigma modulator with 64-times oversampling and includes a digital decimation filter and high-pass filter that removes the dc component of the input signal.For various applications,the HT91808 device supports master and slave mode and two data formats in serial audio interface